Extra Gentle

SALIVEA™ Dry Mouth Mouthwash contains 6 natural enzymes and with regular brushing can help loosen BioFilm/Plaque formation for a cleaner, fresher mouth. Enhanced moisturizers help soothe and moisten dry mouth tissues.

  • Supports saliva’s natural defenses
  • Loosens plaque-biofilm* where germs hide
  • Freshens breath without burning
  • Soothing, Soft Mint formula


Extra Gentle, Low Foaming

You may not realize you suffer from dry mouth until it causes serious dental problems. Only SALIVEA™ toothpaste contains natural salivary enzymes with maximum anticavity fluoride protection to help maintain a healthy oral environment.

  • Supports saliva’s natural defenses
  • Gently Cleans and protects
  • Loosens Plaque-Biofilm* where germs hide
  • Freshens breath without burning


Hydrating, Moisturizing

A refreshing solution that quickly diminishes dry discomfort, mouth odors and other symptoms of a dry mouth. Enhanced with moisturizers and natural enzymes to help maintain the ideal oral environment. 

  • Supports saliva’s natural defenses
  • Moistens & Relieves symptoms of dry mouth
  • Gives Long Lasting refreshing comfort

* with regular brushing and when part of a normal oral hygiene program