Advanced Salivary Enzyme Formula - Essential for Dry Mouth

Over 35 years ago, Laclede’s researchers developed a formula that contains salivary enzymes and became The #1 Treatment in The World for Dry Mouth Care. Now, after years of perfecting formulas, Laclede is proud to introduce SALIVEA™  Dry Mouth Care Products.



Better Dry Mouth Care


Ideal for anyone experiencing serious dryness or having difficulty maintaining good oral hygiene.

Based on our original enzyme formula containing:

  • Essential Salivary Enzymes

  • Hydrating Moisturizers

  • Xylitol Natural Sweetener

  • Restores & Supports
    saliva's natural defenses

  • Loosens Plaque-Biofilm*
    where germs hide

  • Cleans and Refreshes
    without burning

  • Moistens and Soothes
    dry, irritated tissue


*with regular brushing and when part of a normal oral hygiene program.