*BIOTÈNE® is a GSK product, and all Biotene trademarks are owned by GSK. Salivea is a Laclede product, and there is no affiliation between GSK or Laclede or any of their products.


Advanced Salivary Technology for Dry Mouth Care

Over 35 years ago, Laclede’s researchers developed an enzyme technology system that became The #1 Treatment in The World for Dry Mouth Care. Now, after years of perfecting formulas, Laclede is proud to introduce SALIVEA™  Dry Mouth Care Products.



Better Dry Mouth Care


Ideal for anyone experiencing serious dryness or having difficulty maintaining good oral hygiene.

Based on our original enzyme formula containing:

  • Essential Salivary Enzymes

  • Hydrating Moisturizers

  • Xylitol Natural Sweetener

  • Restores & Supports
    saliva's natural defenses

  • Loosens Plaque-Biofilm**
    where germs hide

  • Cleans and Refreshes
    without burning

  • Moistens and Soothes
    dry, irritated tissue



**with regular brushing and when part of a normal oral hygiene program.